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Available data

Access to phenotypical data

Policy for phenotypical data access

Phenotypical data are available only for research projects, that have obtained approval from independent ethics committee, if in the study data will be investigated in context of genetics, then approval must be obtained form Central Medical Ehics Committee.

Data are available only in context of research that donor have not objected in informed consent form. Personal data are not available it is stored in State population genome registry.

For data access Data/Material Transfer Agreement is concluded by the involved insitutions. About access procedures, please, contact responsible presonnel of Genome Database:, +371 67473083 (during working hours).

During recruitment the following data about participants are recorded:

Group of the data Collection Theme Question or series of questions
Health and hereditary questionnaire Interview-based, self-reported Sociodemographic data Sex
Year of birth
Place of birth
Marital status
Level of education
Participant health history History of oncological disease
History of heart and cardiovascular diseases
History of endocrine and chronic diseases
Use of medicine Regularly used medication
Lifestyle Smoking history
Alcohol consumtion
Physical exercises
Allergies and symptoms Allergies
Environmental factors Radiation
Harmful environmental and workplace factors
Passive smoking
Diet Diet type
Products and beverages
Family sociodemographic data Place of birth
Family socioeconomic status Accomodation and living
Family health history History of oncological disease
History of hearth and cardiovascular disease
History of endocrine and chronic disease
Physical measurements Measured or self-reported Antropometric measurements Height
Hip circumference
Blood pressure
Heart rate
Medical diagnosis Doctor's diagnosis ICD-10 diagnosis codes Diagnosis on the day of recruitment


For specific research projects data for state medical documentation can be accessed for participants of Genome Database in accordance with August 4th, 2015, Regulations of Cabinet of Ministers "Procedures for use of patient medical data in research". Pesonnel of Genome Database can consult on access procedures.