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For researchers

How can I use Genome Database for the research?

The biological samples and associated data that are stored in Genome Database of Latvian population are available for use in different research projects. The initial criteria for access is compliance with informed consent obtained from the donor, approval by ethics committee and scientific excellence.

Information about access conditions available here.

Information about biological samples available here.

Information about phenotypical data available here.

Themes for students for research work available here.

How can I collaborate with Genome Database to carry out research studies?

If it is planned to cary out a study where it is neccessary to collect biological samples for research purposes and researcher wants to store the samples in the biobank it is possible to collaborate with Genome Database in this aspect. After agreement of model of collaboration biobank can provide sample and associated data collection, processing and storage, as well as consult on ethical considerations or study design. Genome Database has strategy to support scientifically valuable research and this is the premiss for collaboration.

To inquire about development of collaboration, please, contact us via email: or call Dr. biol. Vitai Rovītei +371 67473083 (during working hours).